This site is closing!

I will be closing this site along with the forum sometime this weekend. When I created the forum I thought a lot of members would join. Unfortunately that’s not what happened and I only had one member join. And although I love that member for joining, I don’t see any point in keeping the site open any longer because it does cost money to host a site these days.

So, with that said, I will be closing this site along with the forum sometime this weekend. From now on you can grab any of my sets of tag extras at my personal site located HERE.

Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.

Moving my tag extras to forum

Okay, well. I have decided to host all my downloads in a forum. The reason for this is because some of the tags I make are considered adult in nature and I don’t want to offend others who might not enjoy seeing those types of tags. So, the adult themed tags will be available for download inside the forum in a password protected area. As soon as the forum has been created and a few of my tags have been uploaded to it, I will have a link here for you to visit it. The link will be available at the top of the page in the menu area. Also, (after joining my forum) if you’d like to enter the password protected area where these tags are located, you will need to contact me and let me know. You can do that by sending an email to me at the email address below:

email button


Hello and welcome to my site!

This website will host all my sets of tag extras that I have created including any newer ones and some that may be considered adult in nature. The tags that are adult in nature will be available for registered members of this site only. Which means, in order to download those tags you will need to subscribe to this site and then use the password you were sent to download the adult themed tags when they are posted.

I hope that was easy enough for you to understand, lol. Anyway, I will start adding my sets of tag extras very soon so you might want to bookmark this site and/or share the link to this site in your social media places.

thanks for stopping by and hugs,

tag by Mod Girl