About Me:

Hi! I’m PL but all my online friends know me as Mod Girl. I am known mostly by the signature tags I make but I am also a crafter and enjoy making homemade journals when I’m not busy making signature tags for others.  I have a few other websites (besides this one) and all the links to each site will be located in the sidebar of each page of my site just in case you’d like to visit.

I get the question all the time of what exactly is a signature tag and the best way I can describe it is this:

“A signature tag is an image you add to the end of an email as a way of signing it. Just like you would use your own signature. Hence the reason why they are called signature tags.”

There are 2 types of signature tags however so you might want to know about those too. A personalized signature tag is a tag you use to sign the end of your email which has your name written on the graphic so people will know who you are.

The second type of signature tag is a tag extra. A tag extra is a single tag that is part of a set of tag extras that all match because they use the same image except the words written on each tag are different. Words like; “A Note”, “Congrats”, “Hello”, “Good Morning”, “Good Night”, etc… are just a few of the types of words that will be written on these sets of tag extras. These type of tags are used mainly in online groups and forums for anyone who wants to express a message to someone else but want to do it with an image instead of writing out the message.

Some people collect signature tags and have a huge collection that they use on a daily basis. Most people call them; “Siggie Piggy’s” and no, people don’t mind being called that either. In fact, most of them are very proud to receive that title because it lets everyone know how much they love and collect signature tags.

At this site I share the sets of tag extras that I’ve made over the years. You can use them for your own personal use but I would prefer that you do not share the complete sets with everyone else. I would rather you direct your friends (who would like to collect these types of tags) HERE to my site so they can collect them for themselves.

Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.