An update and new tags

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! Well, I created a new website yesterday which replaces the online group I once had called; “Taggers World”. And, there is no need to go into detail about that here because I did that at one of my other sites already. So anyway, you can visit the new website HERE if you’re interested.

And here’s that update I was telling you about; I just added 15 sets of children themed tag extras here at this site. And, I will upload a different set of themed tag extras sometime tomorrow. I’m still trying to set up my new website forum where members will have lots of things to keep them busy, lol.

Oh, and before I forget. I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but here goes; I’ve been adding the psp tubes I make to my other site; “Paint Shop Pro Tubes”. You can find that website HERE if you’re interested in collecting them. Okay, well I think that about does it for today.

thanks again for stopping by and hugs,