For Those Who Can’t Login

Okay, I see some subscribers trying to login and they are being refused by the system. Please check your spam folders in your email client. I have sent you a password reset link and the email might have gone there by mistake. ALWAYS check your spam folders in case you are missing important emails or didn’t receive one. It only takes a few seconds to do that and would be helpful for finding emails you thought you never received. I try to check mine at least once a week for that very reason.

Of course there are all sorts of reasons why emails you receive can land into your spam folders. Most of the time it’s because the email client you are using thinks the email is spam and will place it in your spam folder. Out of every spam emails I receive (and I receive a lot of them) about 1/4 of them are NOT spam. So, it’s always a good idea to check your spam folders if you were expecting an email and it never showed up in your inbox.

thanks and hugs,