Lots of Updates

I have a lot of updates to tell you about. I have reopened my groups at Google groups. The links can be found in the sidebar menu to the right. Besides my groups I also added back my scrap-kits.com website but instead of it being my online scrapbook shop, I am now using it as a “Buy My Entire Store” type of thing. That’s where you pay just one single price and you can get into the downloads area and download everything that is there. BTW, there’s a whole lot of stuff to download too.

Also, I don’t know if many of you know this about me but I used to be a web designer but retired when the web tools started getting more fancier and people were starting to use them more and moving away from custom web pages. The tools you learn in web design can also help you with creating other stuff like email stationery and webpages that you want to upload to your own site. Well, recently I’ve done both of those and I had the idea of going back to my web design roots and creating 2 of my sites; “Scrap-Kits.com” and “TaggersWorld.com”.

Since I own both those domain names, I thought I would put them both to good use by creating websites for each of them. All my scrapbook graphics are hosted at my Scrap-Kits.com website and my TaggersWorld.com website is the current  home page for my online group with the same name. I created the TaggersWorld.com site mainly to update members of upcoming activities and stuff that’s currently happening inside the online group. It’s something I used to do years ago with my groups and thought it would be a good idea to do it once again, lol. The links to all my websites can also be found in the sidebar to the right.

My online groups are in desperate need of new members. I’ve been a sharing fool in almost all my groups but with only 2 members it almost seems like a waste of time to share stuff if there is hardly anyone there to enjoy it. Hopefully that will change soon. Who knows, right?

So, besides all this I had an external hard drive problem for a little while and lost some stuff off of it because I thought I needed to remove stuff and then reformat the drive to fix any errors. Well, reformatting the drive didn’t help at all so I decided to get it checked to make sure it was okay. Well, the result came back good and there were no problems at all with the drive.

So, that lead me to believe that Windows 10 update was the culprit, lol. I had to reset my computer a few weeks ago and the updates started coming one right after the other. After the last update, I started having issues with the external hard drive. That plus the fact that Microsoft has removed some very important tools from fixing hard drives on your computer. Not sure why they felt the need to remove that particular tool but they did. And it’s funny that with that tool, I could have saved myself all the trouble of going through reformatting my external if I had only been able to use it. Aww, Microsoft. They’ve got to where all they do is remove stuff you actually want or need and replace it with some crappy stuff that you will never ever use. It makes you wonder what kind of an idiot is running that place, lol.

Anyway, I think that about does it with my updates. I was also having some issues a few weeks ago with google but it seems to be working now. They apparently have people who are NOT idiots working there at the moment. But we all know how that can change in an instant, lol.

thanks for reading and hugs,

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