New Sets of Tag Extras!!

Okay, all the tag extras I’ve already added here to my site are ones that I already had made up. Some were sets that I made recently but most were older sets I had sitting in folders on my computer for awhile now. When my internet went down last week I made up a whole bunch of new sets of tag extras and I will be sharing those with you very soon. Give me a little while to upload them here to my site and then I will post all of them soon after.

There are around 34 sets that I created. Yeah, I was bored with no internet, lol. So, anyway be sure and watch for those sometime today or maybe tomorrow. Not sure when I’ll get all the sets uploaded today because Monday’s are usually pretty busy around here.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and hugs,

What a week!

Last Friday morning we had lots of construction workers out here putting in fiber optic cables for some new company. While I was sitting here at the computer my internet went down and then I realized that my phone was also not working. So, I jumped in my car and went to hubby’s work to use his phone so I could call the phone company to see what was going on. They gave me the run around saying they couldn’t find anything wrong but decided to send a tech guy out anyway. And the waiting time? They said the following Friday. I was like; “wth?” They went on to explain that they had many people with the same problem and had to send tech guys out to all the customers to find out what was wrong.

Okay, so I get back home and start looking around at all the holes these fiber optic people were digging and it dawned on me that they most likely cut my phone line. Well, hubby comes home from work and I tell him what the phone company says and he goes on to tell me that the fiber optic lines are being put in everywhere all over the county.  He had people showing up at work all day complaining about having no land line phones at home and he realized what had happened.

Well, I said I agreed so we had to hook up our antenna to get some digital channels so we could at least watch some tv. Wow, what a pain that was and half the time the digital channels kept going out because we live in the country where we still can’t get a cell phone to work properly. Someone told us once that it’s because we live in an area of the country where they just don’t work and they have had the same problem too. Weird huh?

So, yesterday morning our phone company sent out the tech guy (a day earlier than expected) to fix our phone. Hubby was home yesterday and we sat and watched as the tech guy went down the road and back again many times trying to find out where the line had been cut. He finally figured out that the fiber optic company cut at least 30 feet of phone line so they’re going to have to send out a crew to add new line to replace what was cut. And he also said that the fiber optic company would be getting the bill for it, lol. Well, that made my day. I hate it when you get charged for something that isn’t even your fault to begin with. It’s happened to us before and we were expecting the same this time around and was pleasantly surprised to find out someone else would get the bill, lol.

In the mean time he spliced our line back together with what tools he had to use but he said it was just a temporary fix until the crew came out to fix it permanently.

Anyway. During that whole week of not being able to have internet and phone I sat here at the computer and whipped up a lot of new tags, did some crafting and also did some cleaning, lol. You know, stuff to keep me busy while I waited for my phone line to be repaired. I actually didn’t even know if I had any mojo left for making new tags because it’s been so long since I made any, but it was like the flood waters were flowing and I was creating new tags like crazy. At one point I had to step away from the computer because my back was actually bothering me from sitting here so long just making tags, lol. It felt good though to be able to get those tag making juices flowing again. Guess all I needed was a crisis to make that happen, lmao.

thanks for stopping by and hugs,