Problems Registering?

I’m sorry guys! I just found out from one of my subscribers that the captcha tool I have here on my site was giving them errors each time they tried to login. The captcha tool I am using is from google and google keeps having some issues lately. Not sure what is up with that either because besides this captcha tool, I also use gmail which is also a google tool. And gmail has been acting very odd for over a week now. I can login to my gmail account online but can’t send any mail using my pop3 in gmail on my computer. Very strange stuff going on with google and hopefully they will fix it very soon so others won’t keep having these same issues as well.

Anyway, I disabled the captcha tool here at my site so there shouldn’t be anymore problems with logging in or registering to this site in the future. I honestly don’t know if there is anyone else having these same issues using google products but it seem to be happening with ALL the products for google lately. Hmm. Oh well. There is nothing I can do except to wait and see if they get it fixed anytime soon. BTW, If you have had any trouble trying to contact me using my gmail email address, you can also contact me using my domain email too. Here’s that email address, just in case you have a problem contacting me through gmail:

thanks and hugs,

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