Added New Area to Forum

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to update you on a new area I added to my Taggers World Forum located HERE called “Who Wants One”. That area is for quick tag offers and these will only be around for a very short time ONLY. Taggers in the forum can even set the date to request to whatever they want as long as it’s somewhere within the 24 hour timeline. I added a new quick tag offer there yesterday and so far no one has taken that offer. So, if you enjoy collecting many tags (even tags with names already written on them) you should really check out my Taggers World Forum.

Thanks again for stopping by and hugs,

Autumn Time tag by Mod Girl

Taggers World Update

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to update you all about the forum at Taggers World. I have been adding all sorts of stuff to the forum the past few days. I even created a few desktop wallpapers (something I don’t usually do, lol) and added them to the downloads area also. Every category in the downloads area now has downloads available for forum members.

I also added 11 new tag challenges, and I created some “How To” tutorials and placed them inside the help area so forum members will be able to update there forum profiles, add images and attach files to there posts too. Besides that, I also added 5 (of my own) tag offers to the forum where forum members can request tags from other members when they are offered.

I added 8 different categories to the Tag Tutorials area where members can add tag tutorials they want to share. I added 2 of my own already in that part of the forum.

Now, although I have added all this stuff to the forum it’s missing one important element and that’s “MEMBERS”. So, if you like downloading free stuff like tagger sized scrap kits, cluster frames, sets of tags extras, desktop wallpapers, blank tags and tag backs. If you like participating in tag challenges, doing a tag tutorial, or offering your own tags to others so they request them. Then you’re more than welcome to join the forum.

And here’s a few good reasons WHY you might want to consider joining:

#1. A downloads area that is open to all forum members.
#2. Participating in the tag challenges and tag tutorials will help to increase your tagging skills.
#3. If you’re a siggy piggy and like collecting tags with your name on them.
#4. If you enjoy chatting with other people who enjoy the same type of things you do like collecting and/or creating signature tags.
#5. If you want to be pampered on your birthday, during the MOTW activity, and/or like receiving gifts just for participating in the forum.