Please read my terms of use below BEFORE using any of my sets of tag extras:

#1. DO NOT share my sets of tag extras with others. Using a single tag in an email, in an online group or online forum is completely different than sharing the complete sets with others. Please do not share my complete sets with others.

#2. Registered members of this site are allowed to download my sets of tags extras. In order to download ANY of my tag sets, you’ll first need to register. You can do that HERE.

#3. You may NOT alter my sets of tag extras in anyway. That includes removing parts of each image, adding other things like sparkles, etc… to each tag, or animating each tag, making them larger or making them smaller.

A final note; It takes time to create a set of tag extras. You have so many options when you start to make a new tag; selecting the image you’re going to use, a background pattern or image, the colors, the fonts and any other items you’ll be using like layered masks, gradients, etc… That’s why it takes so much time to create a single tag much less a complete set of them. I’m telling you this because if I find out that my sets of tag extras have been shared online, I will stop adding any new tag extras here to my site. And ANY member who is caught sharing my sets of tag extras will be removed from this site and banned from ever joining in the future.