Hi everyone. I thought I would add all of my sets of tag extras to this site because it would be easier for others to find them because of the name of the site, lol. See, I do use all of my brain most of the time, lol.

I create tags in all types of genre’s so I will be sorting them into all these categories so that way,¬† when you’re doing a search here at my site, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for much easier. It makes sense because I have hundreds of sets of tag extras to share with you and it will take me some time to add them all here to my site.

Also, if you really enjoy collecting personalized tags with your name on them, you might want to consider visiting my other website; “Mod Girl Tags“. I am also thinking about adding a forum there so members can play tag type games, participate in tag challenges and other activities to win tags made by others. In order to create the forum however I would need some actual members who would be willing to participate on a regular basis (at least once¬† a week) and are serious about collecting tags or increasing their skills by doing the challenges.

If you think this is a good idea please leave me a comment below.
Thanks and hugs,

Honey Bee tag by Mod Girl